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So I am in my early 40’s, prime of my life. When I was in my 30’s a nasty little thing called kidney disease tried to stop me in my tracks !

I live in Sheffield, UK with my wife Jo and soon to depart No.1 step son.

I lead a very busy and active life which includes being a managing director of a refrigeration company, chair of SAKA (Sheffield Area Kidney Association), chair of the NKF (National Kidney Federation) also I assist my wife in her business activities as a florist called Valerie of Dore.

I was very fortunate that in December 2009  I received the gift of life from my wife Jo. She donated me a kidney which has transformed our life’s back to normality.

My main aim in writing this blog is to try and raise awareness of kidney diseases, organ donation and to ensure kidney patients get the best care possible as well as opportunities to receive a gift of life. Too many people die in this world needing a transplant and its time this stopped.

I know what you are all saying, what is this jelly fish picture all about ? Well this will no doubt change but until I get suitable pictures of my task ahead it reminds me of a fabulous holiday we had in California. I met this most amazing creature in Monterrey and I cant’t get them out of my head !

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  1. Hi David, saw a tweet from the Giant Sheffield store that mentioned your blog and just wanted to wish you luck with your London to Paris ride. I also have 3 kidneys and a Giant TCR bike (brilliant bike, love mine!) I’ve been cycling about 3-4 years now, I was inspired by Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France. Best thing I ever did! Keep at it and look in to getting a turbo trainer or rollers depending on how confident you are , they’ll really help through the winter with your training.

    1. Thanks Micheal, really appreciate your comments. Any cycling tips are welcome.

      I will start pushing my blog with the NKF etc to try and raise awareness. So you are the first to see!

      Thanks once again and keep well!

      1. No problem, it’s inspiring to see a fellow kidney transplant patient taking on the London to Paris bike ride. Have you set up a Facebook/Twitter page to help people follow your journey?

  2. Hello! Glad to see you managed to work out how to set up WordPress!
    In answer to your question to somebody else above, yes, a Facebook page might be a good idea, as it would be easy to share on different groups, and you could link it to all the NKF-related pages and groups as well.

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