Time to prepare the medical kit for the big ride to Paris

Time is getting nearer and nearer for the ride. I am getting a little nervous as I don’t know what to expect at all. All I know is that I will arrive at the hotel in Croydon on a Tuesday afternoon and then appear in Paris on Saturday afternoon. I don’t know how it works in between if I am honest. I am more anxious about the unknown really than the actual ride.

My aim in all this is to raise some awareness, that as a transplant recipient I can do normal things in life, live life to the full and show others that a gift of life is truly life changing.

with out a transplant and a life on dialysis I am sure I could not ride to Paris in 4 days.

Before I go I need to get prepared in every way, I have lots to think about and the list seem endless.


First of all and the most crucial is my medication, I am on holiday for just over a week when I finish so I need to have three weeks supply with my throughout the two weeks Period. This includes all my transplant medication and insulin. I normally work a week  at a time to save me the effort of dispensing myself my meds every morning, mid morning and evening so I spend the best part of an hour getting those ready.


At the end of all this tablet popping I have my full medical kit below…


Lets look at bit closure, top of the pic I have all my essential tablets for the trip, below this I have spare insulin pens, factor 50 and 50+ sun screen, chamois cream to make my ride a little more bearable, Sudocream for after the ride each night, blood test strips in case my Libre sensor fails, blood glucose machine, insulin, the all important jelly babies in case of a diabetic low in the night, paracetamol, spare insulin needles, antibiotics just incase and some prednisolone just in case too….

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  1. Yes you need all that. It’s not easy is it getting medication together. It makes me laugh when folk say that they are on half a dozen tablets a day and think the world has ended.

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