Feeling strong again and I had a rise in my FTP !

There has been lots of ups and downs during the training cycle.

This week I am on the up, I hit the ground running with a very successful training session on Tuesday which once again was not easy but I got through it without any problems.

I managed to rescue my blood glucose levels, I run at the top of my rage all day  be eating a few more carbs as normal in anticipation for training. You can see a couple of peaks where the carbs had the effect (this is normal) and then it came back into range and then dropped during the ride. I just managed to get some food down me before the low hit me. So this was good effort and result on both sides.


Thursday came and to be fair it was a lower workout ready for the dreaded FTP test on Tuesday which is a full-out effort for 20 mins. When I say full out I mean at my personal threshold.

Due to the impending test I decided I did not want to push though on Saturday or Sunday, so I went for a little spin on Friday night, it was 27°C when I left work and the first challenge was to climb for 5 miles to just over 1000ft. Not much to my pro friends, but the heat was intense, but I felt good. In fact, it was the quickest I had done the climb and then I went on to complete a quick 30 miles overall. I felt strong, in fact very strong and could not quite believe it. My MPH was up but the power I could exert at a constant felt good.

I was chuffed I had a productive ride, might have only been short but I felt good and hope I feel like this on the London to Paris.

I had a steady weekend, Tuesday soon arrived, and I felt mentally and physically good for the FTP test.

I began the 20-minute slog and its broken into 4 sections of 5 mins. So initially the idea is to just hold below my threshold of 203 for the first quarter and slowly increase it until the last section I start to put the hammer down. I think I went a little too hard to start with as I soon got my average up to 211 on the first 5 mins and continued. The rise did not increase in the same momentum as the initial 5 mins but it did go up. It was hot and I really pushed as hard as possible for the 20 mins flat out and I increased my FTP by 3.5%, not massive but a good solid performance to show how I have increased once again,


Another week to come of hard work and then it will be time to keep the fitness but not increase. Steve will be changing my program a little. I will be doing a little tapering.

In my mind this seems all logical as I am sure Chris Froome does not do a couple of tour stages the week before he starts.  or then again maybe he does ?

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