Rain, hail, wind, mud and falling off

I went out for a Wednesday night recovery ride for a quick 30 miles around my normal route.

I was starting straight from work as in the week due to training locally I have Charlie at my side all day. The day itself had been ok in terms of the weather, just right in fact for me.  There had been a few sunny periods and was around 14 degrees celsius.

I set off from work around 17:30 and within 200 yards my fingers felt very cold and realised I had left my gloves at work. You need gloves as when you are riding with the wind chill factor it can get a little fresh on the little pinkies.  So I turned around back to work and we had a quick flash shower, hard but very short.

Got my gloves and the sun came back out and off I went. I must point out it had been quite dry in Sheffield for a while and the roads towards the pavement were very dusty.

I had a good ride across to Rotherham and as I was approaching Barbot Hall and the weather all of a sudden changed it was like I was riding into a micro climate all of its own. The rain started, the dust changed to mud, then the wind started and was blowing not in any direction but completely random.

I pushed on then came the hail together with the fierce swirling wind. It hurt, it got my face, my arms, my legs it was awful and this was followed as I passed Meadowhall with torrential rain, the type that bounces back up to the sky by 12 inches  and created an instant river of all the debris and mud. It was awful, the worst I have ever had on the bike.

As I was going down Attercliff the wind changed, it did not let up but at least it was going in the same direction, guess what I was riding into the wind and the rain. I was wet and not just damp, it was as if I had just been in a swimming pool, or should I say swamp if you could see me.

I got into Sheffield and the real comedy moment happened and it made my day.

There was two lanes, one a bus lane and a normal one. I was at a cross roads in the bus lane on the left hand side.

Here is a quick picture so you will get the idea.


Now on a junction like this I tend to go to the front and in fact as far as the actual junction so I can get a bit of fresh air between me and any cars for when I set off. It just gives me a bit of time to get both feet clipped in and put the power down.

Now on this particular junction there are no traffic lights past the junction, normally you get lights ahead past the junction but not here.

I quickly realised I could not see the lights so with my right foot clipped in and my left keeping me upright I decided to hutch backwards in reveres to see the lights. However I forgot this is not normal and my right foot still clipped in did not agree.

I instantly started falling to my right (were my foot was clipped in) lost my balance, could not get my foot out of the pedal and ended up with Charlie on top of me, by this time there were a row of cars in the car lane. They just carried on and no doubt trying not to laugh.

If you want a reminder of what I mean take look at a previous post to see a previous post explaining the cleat and pedal situation by reading Charlie and me for the first time

All I have to say if I end up on Harry Hill from a dash cam I want half of the £250 !

I got up hurt my knee, was filthy and just carried on determined to get back to work and go home.

Here was the result. No they are not grey tights but the grime I picked up after I took my socks off. I had most of Rotherham’s road grime in my bib shorts !


On the way home another fellow cyclist battles the conditions. I think you will get the idea.


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