Training update

The training is going reasonably well at the moment following my little hiccup with my swollen foot.

I mentioned on my last blog that my foot was sore and it developed into a full swollen foot. Being a diabetic it is essential that these things are looked at ASAP.

Fortunately my GP is excellent at appointments and their current policy is if you call before 11 you can get a same day slot. Off I went Monday morning and we were not too sure what it was and probably I had injured it in some way. A short course of steroids to remove the swelling (kidney transplant patients keep away from anti-inflammatory medication)  by the following Wednesday I was ready for my next cycling session and at the moment we are in the build up phase and this is very important.

A colleague at work asked me if I had injured my foot on my bike and then eureka I remember after the really hard session on the four-horse men being a little unstable as I dismounted Charlie I swung my foot straight into the frame my bike stands on and walloped it hard. So this obviously set off my problems and it is probably exasperated by being a renal patient.

Last night I went for a real intense session and Steve said this will probably be one of the hardest within this training period.


So to explain you can see the red line and that is my FTP, to keep it simple the is the threshold power output I can sustain for a relatively short period of time. It’s not about the speed or the distance but its all about power put out by my body.

The blue line is the power I actually put out during the training session, the green line is my pedaling speed. For most of the session I am pedaling normally and achieving an average of 85 rpm and then you can see during certain parts of the test I pedal a lot faster towards 100 RPM. These are high cadence sections. The grey section is the load being sent to me from the computer onto my back wheel so you can see I match it all the way.

You can tell its hard when the system makes you operate around and slightly above my FTP and then a few fast sections in the middle.

By the time I got to the end Steve had broken me again and he seemed really pleased ! I am sure Steve loves and gets off on seeing real pain and the fact you stager out of his place.

In the end another great session and just need to transfer all this onto the road.

Soon be July and I am scared already…

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