Charlie and me for the first time

I am all geared up with Charlie, Bib shorts (adult nappy) and helmet for safety.

The aim of last night was to get accustomed with the pedal situation.  They are not normal pedals, technically they are known as SPD pedals.

Apparently this stands for “Shimano Pedal Dynamics”. there are several different types but I think this is the best solution for me. I could have gone for the road biking version but these protrude from underneath your shoe so its difficult to drop into a lovely little french cafe on the way to Paris without slipping all over the place. So the SPD ones are used with shoes where the cleat system is above the level of your sole. This makes it a little better in case you have to walk. Which probably be more than likely when I face some serious hills.

The worst that can happen with the pedal is that you fall off attached to your bike.

To give you an idea take a look at this video !


As you can see it can be tricky and these people look experienced and I have none.

Moving on I took Charlie to try it in a flat park in Sheffield, I could keep close to the grass if need be and it does not have any pesky traffic lights !

I had a good little ride and ended up on the road once I was confident and just put in 6 miles of stop starting.

Ready tomorrow to give Charlie a proper run out and try to get my first 25 miles !

Let the real training begin before the dark nights close in.




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