Time to prepare the riding gear and charlie for the ride to Paris

I had sorted out the meds and next comes the cycle clothing, once again much much more than I thought !

I had four days of riding and I have enough kit for clean each day, this would increase the weight of my baggage but lightened the load on washing at night, I might not even have time for such luxuries.

I needed four bib shorts, four pairs of socks, four cycling tops and so it went on.


Top row from the left first…. Shoes, 4 pairs of socks, 4 lots of bib shorts, gloves, four cycling tops, gloves, glasses and helmet.

Does not seem a lot but then you add your casual clothes on top it starts to resemble my daughters suit case to Singapore (that’s another blog another day)

Next came Charlie, time to give her a final wash and brush up ready for the big event.


I put Charlie some new tyres on, I thought she deserved some new rubber on her adventure away from the turbo trainer.  I checked everything else from brakes, cleaning and lubricating the chain set. She looked well and ready for action, at last I was about to put her through her paces. All this riding we have done over the last 8 months was about to come together.

Next came all the cycling kit I took on my challenge. As I had no idea of what was coming I took virtually everything apart from the kitchen sink.


You can see above a spare tyre, spare tubes (3 No.), spare chain links in case my chain broke, CO2 mini cylinders (inflating tyres to max pressure), anti bacterial wipes for my hands (nothing worse than changing a tyre and having dirty hands for the next miles.), torque wrench for dismantling my bike at the end, alan key set just in case for small adjustments whilst riding, water bottles, garmin cycle computer and a pump.

That was it I was ready, before I knew my trusty chauffeur appeared out of nowhere and it was Tuesday.

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