Good Bye Frank the Tank :(

My old bike which was a cross between a mountain and road bike has finally left me. It was a Raleigh Pioneer Trail 4000. I purchased it originally to do the ride around Clumber park etc with Jo my wife.

Its been cluttering my garage until Charlie arrived and consequently it ended up outside. It was time to either scrap it or to see if I could give it away. I would much rather give it away to someone who could use it. I am sure after a bit of a fettle it could still serve someone proud !

I met a lady called Angela at Skyhook who works at a social enterprise called Recycle Bikes based in Sheffield. They are a not for profit project and work with young people who may be finding mainstream education a little challenging. They offer refurbished bikes, parts, bike serving and the training of bike maintenance to Joe public.

Frank the Tank set off in the back of the flower van with Charlie to Recycle bikes. Charlie was going to have a little fettle and make sure she is in top form ready for the challenge whilst Frank was going to be assessed to see if he could be rescued to give somebody else a chance to ride a bike.

Goodbye Frank the Tank

Charlie came back in time for my normal Tuesday session, the drive train was all clean, gears and brakes in fine order and she is all ready to go to Paris.

Thursday was tough and probably one of the hardest workouts of this section, it was a full-out effort over the threshold but with very little recovery. The minute in-between the heavy load is a time to recover, normally at 50% of your threshold but this particular day it was at 90% and there is no recovery for me at this level. Just pain and more pain, I was so relived to hit the 5 minutes 45% recovery section but then the pain started again shortly after, it was relentless, and I was so glad when I hit the final warm down after 70 minutes, even that felt tough.


I hit the road again on Saturday but must admit I failed miserably, I put in a 5 miles effort uphill and my legs were just shot, I became very aware that I had not recovered from the intensity on Thursday evening. I did not go much further apart from turn around and head back to base and relaxed for the rest of the weekend.

I was a little down and disappointed about Saturday as I had all the intention of putting in a few miles, even making my special peanut and honey sandwiches for half way, having a carby breakfast of toast with a touch of real butter. It was not to be.

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