Under 4 weeks to go

Its been a couple of weeks since I last made a few notes, quite a lot has happened, and the training has been as busy as ever. That’s the problem trying to keep up to date. By the time I get my training done, road work done I need my beauty sleep!

As well as Cycling I have been a little busy in the garden now the summer season seems to have appeared. A couple of years ago I installed a new composite decking, however after a couple of years of it not draining water properly it warped and cracked. I have been removing the old and laying some new. The main issues were that I had to have a decent fall on it and as it was lade originally in a 8 metre section the fall would have had to be over 100 mm over the horizontal which would have looked odd. So, I have re-configured it to run in a 1.8 metre direction which only needs 25 mm fall to be safe. I had to install new posts and timber to go the opposite way. This took me several weeks as I could only do a bit at a time in the evening around riding Charlie.

At last it’s done, it took some time but it is done properly and Jo seems happy with her refurbished outside space and LED lighting.


Looking back over the last few weeks I broke the 100km barrier by completing 65 miles in reasonable time. The result was that my legs were in good order and recovery was good.

Initially I set on my steady Rotherham route for the first 23 miles of my ride and then rode back to Sheffield where I started to climb up to the peak district and managed an easy 1000 ft climb and then came back around Sheffield on the east side and finished up warming down on a slightly different route to Rotherham and back.

It was a lovely day with average temperatures of around 18°C according to my Garmin and peaks of 22°C in certain parts.

I did have a major problem on the first leg as I went past Magna, that was a puncture. I even heard it enter the tyre and then could hear it deflate. I stopped, and I saw the culprit with no problems. A lovely piece of steel, no I was on the border between Rotherham and Sheffield and I think it had to be a piece of Rotherham steel as it was not shiny enough for Sheffield stainless steel !

I managed to change it quick time and used my CO² cylinder to refill the tyre in quick time and it worked well !


Off I went again.

All in all a pretty good ride.

Training round at Skyhook has been on the edge this month. We have been concentrating on the climbing phase and it been extremely hard. We are doing high load and high cadence work at the moment and my diabetes blood glucose does not like it one bit.

I have been trying to start the session a little higher than normal in the rage of 12-15 but end up sinking like a stone and then takes a long time to recover back to normal. So, my glucose control according to the software has not been as good this month as last.

I just got the last phase of work under control in terms of diabetes, but it has certainly changed again. Fortunately, on the road I have now got a grip of the situation.

I had a monster of a training session last Thursday which at the time was extremely difficult, but I knew about it two days later.

I got on Charlie on a Saturday and set off and hit a climb for around 4 miles and my legs felt awful and just would not go. I blamed Thursday for this as the following Tuesday a just as hard session I was fine.

I have under 4 weeks to go and I am ok but am worried that I don’t want to do too much, I don’t want to be fatigued before I start. In my own mind I need to keep my fitness and making improvement is not my aim now. But who knows I could have got it all wrong, we will have to see what Steve has to say about this idea…  My own thoughts is I bet Mo Farah does not run a marathon 2 weeks before the next one….

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