Am I going to make it to Paris

I am leaving France for the last time until me and Charlie meet up with her again in Calais. The next time I arrived at our house in France and sleep in my bed will be after I have finished my challenge.

We (Jo my wife will meet me in Paris at the finish) get back home late Saturday night after a trip on the TGV from Paris. If I do complete the challenge I must say I will be overwelled with achievement. For the pro riders (those that go out every week for the last 5 years and think nothing of a 100 miles weekend ride) out there the London to Paris trip is a straight forward training exercise. For me it will be different, I have been riding for around 8 months but battled with diabetes all the way and kidney disease. I will be ecstatic but no doubt my legs will be in bits and my backside will resembles one of those monkeys you see at Chester zoo, You will get the idea of how I will feel when you look below.




So I have 8 weeks to go and people are telling me it will be fine but I am not too sure to be honest. I am not convinced. A few weeks ago I was fine and now… well its different.  The last few weeks of training has been very difficult, the climbing of short very sharp hills worries me immensely, I don’t want to fail in fact I won’t allow myself to fail. Its all in the head says Steve @ skyhook training.

Steve is right I am sure of it, but I am getting more worried as the days go on and I wish it was tomorrow to be honest. I don’t want to let people down especially fellow kidney patients, my family and friends, my wife and finally myself. I must conquer this and complete it and find my next challenge.

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