A weekend ride and a rest

Its getting touch at skyhook during this climbing phase.

I went out once again on a Saturday to get a 50 miles ride in. I ventured out had a few warmup laps through Hillsborough and then via my normal Rotherham route and climbed up through Masborough and Thorpe Hesley.

I normally cycle pass my daughters but, on this occasion, as I was heading down hill I had nothing to lose by calling in.

IMAG0004 3_LI.jpg

If I don’t call in she complains but with it being an uphill section and I can see the summit I don’t want to stop. I got of my bike, her car was in the drive but no one at home. I tried and sent her a picture of her car as proof !

I was trying to eat a bit more regular on this ride so I had done 25 miles it was time to stop off at Keppel’s column which is with 400 yard off our old house in Scholes.

I sat on the grass took off my new shoes and devoured my peanut butter sandwich, sweet treat and drink. I stopped for 15 minutes before heading back in the saddle.

I headed down into Scholes village, a lovely place and downhill section before I climbed up the short but steep section to Wentworth. As I said it was steep but short and I struggle a bit with the gradient. Not out of breath just felt fatigued and I had only done 30 miles by then.

At this time, I realised I need to make this London to Paris challenge a little easier and I have a plan but I am worried it will harm my training. I need to lose a stone in weight and loose it fast. I worked out if I was to lose a stone the gradient would not be as problematic and in fact my power to weight ratio would increase. I am having to work a lot harder than others who don’t carry the weight. But is it too late?

Last time I lost 6 stone I did it quite quick by cutting out carbs, so this is what I will do. However, the problem I see is that carbs are energy and If I do this now will the lack of energy impede on my training. It is something I need to speak to Steve about.

In the end I had a good ride but was fatigued quite a bit and I felt like I had gone backwards. Maybe the intensity of the training is talking longer for me to recover?

I went for the next session on Tuesday evening and it was tough, in fact I really struggled and turned down the intensity, so I could make it to the end. I did make it to the end, but it was horrific, I felt absolutely shattered.

I feel like I need a rest and a reset. Start again if you know what I mean.  As I write this I am 38000 feet in the sky on a flight back from France. I have had an extended weekend away and the way it has fallen means a full week’s rest for the bike. Those that know me I can assure you I have done nowt apart from a bit of gardening.

Here is a nice picture of Dinan



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