Cycle maintenance, new clothes and a new friend.

I have been on with a few new tasks including changing tyres (de-laminated), replacing tubes (puncture), replacing a chain (worn) and giving Charlie a wash (filthy).

The tyre and the tube is one of those things but I was surprised by the chain. Apparently chains stretch and if not replaced when worn they can damage other components in the drivetrain.

I got a nifty little tool from one of my supplier friends (I will be a platinum member soon) and this measures the wear over a set distance.


You place the circular end on the chain (it looks oily on this picture) and you try to slot the 0.75 bit of steel into a gap. If it does not fit then all is good, however if it slots in then it is stretched and needs replacing.

Once again I went on-line and ordered my first replacement chain.

Before fitting the chain Charlie had a lovely wash using a new toy.

My next door friends (King K and Lady P) have bicycles (If you still call them bicycles when assisted by batteries). have recently invested in a new gizmo which assists in maintenance and cleaning of cycles. They got it for a bargain and it makes life so easy. King K asked if I would like to give it a go so I jumped at the chance and he suggested that I can use it when it is available for free (at the moment, but it could lead to the exchange of a bottle of Sauvignon blanc now and again).


Charlie is all ship-shape once again, ready for action.

I also picked up some new clothing and this included a new cycling top and matching bib short combo (you will see max wearing this later). Also I invested in a bright cycling top to ensure I am seen on the roads. Even through the dark nights have gone it is essential as ever to be seen. sometimes I think when it is dark you are more likely to be seen with lights as they are flashing in a dark background, but during sun light it is just as difficult. I thought I would get a great big yellow top so I could make my self more prominent on the road, also it makes your vision a little blurred and it might make a few drivers go to Specsavers for a check up.


Next up was my regular visit to Skyhook and I was greeted by a new friend who also has the same kit as me. His name is Max and he is really friendly and we get on great.

Steve said last year the 17:30 slot was very busy but this year it is often just me so now Max has started being there I am no longer alone. He gives me the encouragement I need and does not lie through his back teeth. Typically Steve would tell me the workout is not too bad and once again using his filthy laugh knows very well the little green men with paramedics on their backs are on standby. No pain no gain is the way forward.

I have been looking everywhere for my photo I took of Max but it was the day after my phone decided to die before it synced to the cloud.

Dont worry I will get another one this week.

Off on the road next…



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