The saddle comes back to bite me !

You will have seen in the past about the issues I was having with the saddle. I found one in the end and although there will always be some pain when you cycle over a distance it was far better than what I had.

Here is the Prologo


All off a sudden Charlie developed a squeak and as per normal it is always difficult to find the source.

My personal cycling guru Steve from Skyhook training came to the rescue and identified it was a problem with the saddle. Not again I thought.

The problem was clear and one of the rails which attached to the saddle was moving, I took a quick video and spoke to the supplier as it was not very old.

After I sent them the video I expected them to send me a new one. How wrong I was they wanted it back for inspection and then they would send it back to the manufactures.

The problem was that they were not prepared to give me a replacement in the mean time although it was obviously faulty.

So what would I use as it could take 4 weeks to go through the warranty process. The supplier advised I should purchase another one and request a refund. All very well if you have the spare cash hanging around under the mattress and if not it means no siting down.

After an hour of playing devils advocate with myself I had to order another saddle. The new one was incorrect and this was not the end but eventually I have a new saddle.

To this day a month on I have heard nothing and this was not the last warranty issue I have encountered.

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