Weekend ride is cancelled as Mothers Days takes over…

I had my first session on Thursday at my new FTP level of 200 watts, it was a threshold ride to make sure the numbers stack up and they did. It was tough but not impossible although at the end I had a hypo again. It was a ride of a high load but normal cadence which sent me tumbling with no chance of recovery before the end of the session.

However, that was it for Charlie until Tuesday as Mother’s day was going to be upon us.

Now I know some of you are thing what has mothering Sunday got to do with it. Well the original owner of my Kidney owns a flower shop in Dore village, Sheffield called Valerie of Dore.

Stop she is not called Valerie but Jo.

Most people (especially annoying sales calls) on the telephone call her Valerie but this was the name of the original owner who has long retired but still lives in the village and was responsible for the business to have one of the best reputations in South Yorkshire, so we could not let the name disappear. Val often calls in to the shop for a catch-up and lives within 150 yards of our shop.

It’s the busiest weeks of the year in a florist calendar for us in Dore village. Christmas is busy, Valentines day is ok and mother’s day is just crazy !

We start a few months earlier getting cellophane wrapping cut and prepped and bows all made as preparation is key with the amount of Staff Jo employees.

With a few weeks to go the final orders for flower stock are made with several suppliers. In comes  the sundries such as baskets and containers and then in the final week we are already to go.

We have a cold store in the shop and also, I get Jo two other portable cold stores up and running which enables to store the flowers in perfect conditions once made to enable the stock to be as long-lasting as possible. It’s a perk of the job when you are involved in refrigeration.

Orders roll in on the Interflora system, our phone lines don’t stop and orders pinging on our website.

Its nonstop from Thursday evening.

I appear Friday night straight from the day job to help with the delivery routes and do all the running around. Saturday, I stop in the shop and carry out all the menial tasks like processing credit card payments, answering the phone, helping drivers, making tea, emptying bins and one of the most important jobs of ordering the evening take away (Indian this year). In fact, I do a bit of everything apart from making floral designs as I leave this to the experts.

Eventually we get done late Saturday night with everything in place and then on Sunday it’s normally a little more relaxed in the shop as the main job is down to the eight or so drivers we get in on a temporary basis. I go out with a large run of deliveries to Dronfield and Barlow area and drop off 23 designs. We aim to get everything delivered by 1 pm as some of the recipients may be out for Mother’s Day lunch.


Over the weekend there were more than 250 deliveries and in total we probably made over 350 designs in total. It well organised chaos ! there was only one design this year that did not get delivered due to no one in and a neighbour not willing to take it in. So, it was a good result.

It’s a great relief for all of us on Sunday afternoon as we know we have done it for another year and now its time to roll into wedding season.

Don’t worry I kept the fitness up and managed a few steps on the Saturday as you can see below.


Back to Charlie on Tuesday !

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