Paul the weather man at Look North got it wrong just like Micheal Fish !

The last week has been pretty good.

It all started a week ago on the road from home to Stocksbridge. This was a route I did several months ago and I did plenty of puffing and panting on the gentle incline up to Stocksbridge.

It was forecast as a cold but reasonable Saturday, once again Paul the weather man on Look North had another Michael Fish moment and got it completely wrong. As I started climbing from Middlewood it stared. There was wind and rain. The rain got heavier and heavier. The puddles at the side of the road got larger. Sheffield roads are notorious for holes even though they have received 2 billion from the government. It was getting difficult to judge the depth of the holes and I had several big hits to the front wheel.

I could really tell the training is working as I ploughed through the rain to Stocksbridge with no problems at all. I had a quick break in a bus stop and talked to a couple of locals who were waiting for the bus to Sheffield city as they called it, as town was Stocksbridge itself.

Off I set off back and it is mainly downhill with a couple of assents, the roads were flowing like the river Don, mind you it was far dirtier than the Don.

I got home and I was drenched, absolutely dripping. Jo would not let me pass the threshold as I was filthy, I even had to remove my cycling tights and I got more mud in places I should not have. Leave that to the imagination.

Saturday afternoon was a touch busy too as No.1 step son has finally got his own place, he now has a mortgage. So I ended up Saturday and Sunday mass building Ikea flat pack and fitting light fittings and come Sunday night I could relax.

Monday was a different day as I got plenty of aches and pains from other muscles that I never knew I had, that’s what you get for building, lifting and shifting. At least I got to go to work for a rest.

Come Tuesday I was off to Steve @ Skyhook again for the normal indoor training session. It was extremely hard and I did have a couple of 15 seconds breaks out of the saddle. The weekend had really taken its toll. It did not help that I have still to get a new saddle, it had yet to arrive.

I got through it and off I went again on Thursday to Skyhook, I had a good session and really enjoyed it. I felt great apart from my derriere.

My derriere is really suffering; I did find a saddle that I trialled but nearly two weeks on a local supplier has yet to receive it. It’s driving me crazy.

Just to show I am not making all this hard work up !



Once again the weekend is upon us and the weather report is once again grim, so I took Steve up on a course ride at 7am Saturday morning. I was up like the lark and off I went.

It was a different set up doing a course ride. Instead of Steve setting the power required the rider can decided how much power to put out and the training system simulates hills etc. The one thing it can’t do is simulate downhill. Therefore there is no freewheeling. Hence a 1.5 hours session is nearly three hours on the road. It was a real good session.

I really don’t know were Steve gets his names from …. Mind you its -2°C at the moment in the UK with the worst predicated cold spell for some time, so maybe Steve knows something I don’t.

The weekend has been cold but glorious !!

I got home for around 9 am and then to my surprise I noticed that overnight we had four reindeer in our garden. I had a very good idea where they come from and if you look closely they would make excellent kindling for the wood burner !


Lets hope the saddle arrives on Monday………






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