The training is working ! Thanks Steve @ Skyhook

Its been one hell of a tough week at Skyhook training. We have just hit a peak according to Steve on the current cycle. But the way he laughs every Tuesday and Thursday night I am not too sure he is being straight with me.

Thursday night was, well lets say I went to hell and back.

I arrived and saw a couple of the guys finishing off and they said it was tough and they were glad to get off the saddle !

IMAG0015 1

So here is what I faced and my results.



All the spikes in this are at high cadence at around 110 RPM, after the first three warm up peaks off you go and you can see further on you go there are less of them at slightly less power output but they last longer, so it’s a double edge sword. I did start to think I could not do these when I got past the first of the set of 3 but as the load reduced just by a couple of percent I continued on, but I was so relived when I go to the last 3 minutes of warm down.

That was Thursday done with and all I needed was a good test ride on Saturday as I had not been out on the road for some time due to the weekends weather being rather poor or snow bound !

Saturday came, I noticed we have had a good frost which as always is a little off-putting but I decided I needed to go out so I prepped all my gear and got Charlie ready for a quick 25 miles sprint.

I got fluid, LED lights attached, new Garmin and my mini saddle bag packed with spare tube, food and tools and she was ready for the off. I got myself ready with the obligatory derriere cream, full length tights, thermal top, water proof high-vis top, shoes, over shoes, new helmet and I was ready for the off.

It was drizzling as I set off and did not look like it would improve.

I saw this ride as an opportunity to test. I was using it to see if any things I had learned would make a difference. So the three main things I was looking at:-

Training – Is this proving to be beneficial and is it assisting me? I need to see a difference so it gives me impetus to continue with the training, I need to see outcomes and results !

Cadence – I was aiming to use my gears more efficiently and keep my cadence around 85 RPM all the time so I was not moving up the gears too early or too late. This may slow me down but recovery should be better

Weight, I had lost a bit of weight over the last three weeks (around 4.5 kg) and wanted to see the effect.

Off I went and the first early impression in the first 2 miles was OMG !!   What has happened.

Firstly Charlie never felt so nimble even in the wet I could dance around on the bike and make it go where ever and when ever I wanted her to. That must the weight or just confidence. Then I noticed I was often in the wrong gear when trying to keep cadence around 85. I was up shifting much quicker and then when going up hills I was downshifting much quicker. In all my average speed seemed to be much quicker.

After the first 15 miles I was still fresh and did not even break into a sweat, the training was really paying off.

There was one section that was touch and it was not that difficult previously and this was the steady climb for a couple of miles in Rotherham. But I was battling a ferocious constant head wind and heavy rain, flags at the Mushroom garage were horizontal against the flow. This was hard and slow but the wind held me back but still good training.

I got back home after 25 miles still quite fresh and feeling great both mentally and physically. I have now got a real chance of getting to Paris if I continue in this vein.

I have am overcoming the problems with diabetes whilst riding on this journey and are showing that having a kidney transplant stops nothing in life !

Capture 3

One thing I don’t have is any mud guards on Charlie and I ended up in a right old mess !

IMAG0016 1




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