Technology assisting my training and the latest on the saddle saga

I have not reported any major spending recently, don’t worry I have kept it quiet but been searching the world for the best deal.

My organ donor wife Jo bought me a cycling voucher for Christmas (thank you Jo). I have been eyeing up a new cycling helmet. I did have one but found that spending a little bit of money on an upgrade is worth a little more comfort. It just another one of those things that it has not paid to pay less to dip my toe into the water. Another lesson leaned in this complicated cycling thing.

I am still on temp saddle No. 5. This one is a little thinner and narrow than before and after two rides I have not been experiencing the pain, so maybe I have cracked this problem. It certainly gives me some hope this issue can be resolved and I can concentrate on working hard instead of thinking about my rear !

So technology on bikes I hear you ask, another mine field and lots to choose. I have been discussing at length with Steve at Skyhook about the problem at Edale etc and I think I am pushing too hard in a too high a gear so when going up hills I am pedalling very slow but traveling fast.

Steve tells me that this kind of action (heavy slow load) although productive it takes longer to recover than pedalling fast. So the aim is to keep the pedalling (cadence) around 85 RPM and not let it drop. If you watch professionals this is what they do when they hit a hill, they have the strength to get up with lower cadence but recovery is slow and a race is all about speed and distance combined.

So I need to keep the gears lower and keep peddling fast instead of grinding up those hills on the road and if I can recover and keep some in the tank.

How will I know how many RPM my pedals / cranks are doing, well I have a relatively inexpensive cadence sensor which has a small magnet on the crank so every time it passes it send out an electronic pulse.

This is the easy bit, but I also need something to see what is happening so here it is, its a Garmin Edge 520 which connects to all these sensors including speed and heart rate.

When connected to a phone it will also posts positions to Facebook so my friends and family will able to track me across Kent and then on to France if I make the ferry.

So they have had me again, a cheap inexpensive sensor that works with a rather expensive front end.

I could have used my mobile but the battery would ultimately have been problematic as well as the British inclement weather soaking my mobile.

No more purchases this month apart from (ever in hope) finalising my saddle!

Here are my new toys ! (well hopefully settle on the saddle soon)

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