Good solid week and a bit of Saturday cleaning – Charlie got naked…..



I have been round for two full on sessions with Steve this week at Skyhook. We are now into the spring programme and are starting to build and not just maintain. This is when the going is “going to get tough”.

The Last session I had been on Thursday and was called Skyhook Strength Four Horsemen. Here was the result.


I asked Steve why the four Horsemen, he told me with a dirty laugh, next week it will be the apocalypse next week.  In other words he is gong to try to break me again and build me up.

I planed to go for a ride on Saturday but the weather was dank and I also awoke with a little pain in my right foot.

I decided to do a bit of cleaning instead and stripped Charlie naked.

She was filthy and it is amazing how all crevices get full of road grim and grit.  Off came the both wheels, a bit of de-greasing the chain and running gear, clean the brakes and finish off with the frame. Once all this is done I carry out some lubrication on the chain, running gear and brakes etc. Then finally out comes the torque wrench and check all the bolts !

Hope you are loving my home-made servicing stand !


Sunday came and my foot was no better, not too sure what the hell I have done to it. It gets better as the day goes but is rather stiff first thing.

I went and helped my wife at a local wedding fayre with flowers and here is a snippet for those interested in the floral side of my life.


Hoping to get training on Tuesday as I would not want to miss the apocalypse.

Just for those that have seen too many flowers, here are some cogs ! enjoy…




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