All I Want for My Birthday In February Is A New Derrière

Christmas has long gone and the new year is in full swing with spring around the corner.

I have been training hard over the festive period and only missed two sessions, can you believe it,  they did not open bank holiday Tuesday ! One of my objectives over the next month is concentrating on some further weight loss.

You will find it hard to believe but since I have been doing the training two / three times a week I have lost no weight, nothing, absolute zero, naught,  zilch, scored a duck, nil or as we say in Yorkshire nowt.

You would think that by carrying out all the intensive workouts and eating the same something would have tipped the balance, it has not.

Apparently, I am training in the wrong zone and the energy source from which I am burning is not fat.  My legs are changing shape as they have certainly firmed up, so it must all be muscle, well that what I am telling myself. I need more spinach just like Popeye.

I am concentrating on eating less in general and less carbs just like I did 2016-2017 when I lost 6 stone. I need to push this further now to make me a little more efficient during rides so I am not having to lug excess weight along for the ride.

Oh also I am on with dry January, another challenge.

So as I said I have been training indoor with Steve at Skyhook in Sheffield and things seems to be going well. It’s just as well I am doing indoor stuff as the weather and darkness in general is poor for cycling. I did think that in Winter I would be fine outside,  but I was so wrong. Its damn hard work in winter and the indoor training session have saved me.

I have been having saddle problems and I am particularly sore after only riding for an hour, as you will have seen in previous posts I am fully kitted up with udder cream and decent bib shorts but I am still in agony. Luckily there is no blisters involved…

After 60 minutes I am getting sore at the top of my legs where they turn to cheeks to a point it is more painful than the ride itself. When I leave the saddle periodically to dance around bends in the road and avoid traffic I burn for a couple of seconds. Next days it’s completely gone but it’s not good. I need to resolve it if I am going to ride for 7 hours per day for 4 days otherwise I am going to be in bits !

I have a new saddle on trial via Giant, to be fair it has made a little difference of around 15 minutes longer before the pain sets in but there is little change so I am going to try another type next. I can see this being an ongoing problem until I find the correct one. It’s just as well shops allow you to try them first otherwise you can see its gong to be a very costly exercise. But I need to resolve it if I am going to ride for 7 hours per day for 4 days otherwise I am going to be in bits ! No amount of udder cream is going to resolve this problem.

When looking at saddles its amazing the different designs, some wide, some thin, some with cutouts and some with channels, saddles for him,  saddles her or lets not be specific and say saddles for those with or with out bits !

See below the latest one is made by a company called “Test”



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