The 14th of December will always be the start of a new life

Today the 14th of December is a very important day for me (and the whole family).

It was the day back in 2009 my life was rebooted. The day things turned a corner, day the future once again looked bright ! and no the future is not Orange !

I was one of the lucky ones, I was given a second chance to live, a second chance to enjoy life, a second chance for my family to enjoy, and a second chance to try and make a difference.

It was a Monday morning at around 8 am and my wife Jo was being wheeled down to theatre.

Watching Jo go down the ward to the main hospital corridor was the strangest emotional feelings I have ever experienced. I was overwhelmed when I got married but this….  I can tell you seeing someone you love intentionally having an operation that she did not need, to save my life was kind of devastating. It was real drama. After she disappeared I went back to my room closed the door and cried. I could not take my mind off what was happening to Jo.

It’s a memory I hold very close to me now.

I was a nuisance on the ward that morning constantly asking staff what was happening, was everything going to plan ? No complications etc ? You heard anything yet ?

I was due to go down after lunch around 12:30 but by 11:30 a surgical clad team came to collect me for my operation and this fortunately diverted attention.

Once I went to theatre I did say I wanted to know that Jo was recovering before my op. She was.

From that day my life truly changed from this cruel disease.

My wife had donated one of her kidneys to me, from that day she became one of the real and true hero’s in life. she was now a living organ donor. You don’t have to die to give a gift of life.



This gift of life is the most precious and special gift anyone can give and also receive.

Forget material things in life, forget iPhones, fast cars, big houses, planes, boats, fancy watches and diamonds etc, this far outweighs anything the wealthy can give or afford.

This is pure and simple, it’s a gift of life, its like love and it can’t be bought by anyone.

Thank you to the team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals for making this happen back in 2009.

Thank you to my wife Jo for being my donor and the time we have gained together.

David x



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  1. Love you and Sidney. I hope folk will realise how much donating an organ means to the recipients and their families. Keep up the good work raising awareness. X wifey

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