I have been missing …

Last time I was out on my bike was the nightmare return from Scunthorpe, what a weekend.

As you may have thought where have I been, well you would be right I have been missing. In fact I have had a break from everything. So that means work, home and cycling. Yes you got it I have been away in Brittany, France. When you read this I will be 10 minutes from home as I will have landed and heading north on the A61 from Chesterfield to Sheffield.

The only problem with being away is the lack of training and it will seriously mess with me head. The days roll by and I get more anxious about being ready for the challenge, everyone keep reminding me I have had a flying start and there is plenty of time ! Let me tell you there is never enough time.

When I first started cycling I was fine in the saddle region however over the last month I have been struggling a little where my body joins onto my legs on the right hand side. I have been getting a little rubbing. I am not sure if it is a saddle problem or I have overdone it. By having a week off from the saddle hopefully I will see. I have noticed I only have to do an hour and I am in pain. I have done the normal udder cream as you have seen but it bloody hurts.

If it returns very quickly I assume i have a saddle / size / shape issue and no doubt the boys and girls at the Sheffield Giant store will be lighting the way to their shop to open my wallet !

Don’t worry back on the indoor training program on Tuesday evening and I just know it is going to be difficult. For the last week I have indulged as normal on too much food and wine.

I have done a touch of walking and every day I have managed to get a few steps in, but no doubt I will have added half a stone to my mass !


Here is taste of France… click on the pics and you might just see my kidney donor !

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