The dreaded virus and start of winter training

Its been a little tough and frustrating over the last two weeks. It was two weeks ago since me and Charlie went on a ride together. Two long whole weeks !

As I mentioned previously I picked up this cold – virus thing and it has dragged on. Normaly after a couple of days I am good to go, but not this time.

Not only me but half of work and my wife Jo, and no.1 step son have been suffering. It got to a point last weekend that we both ended up ill at the same time which is very unusual. We ended up have several zombie days were we basically lurched around the house with no purpose in a trance like state. Jo had a couple of bad days and then like magic she recovered. I could certainly tell as all of a sudden purpose was resumed and she started playing with her favourite toy called Dyson, my favourite to add a little balance is the induction hob, its all mine!

As off today I feel much better got a once in a while bark but I do feel a lot better, it just seems us transplant folk take a little while longer to get better. Main thing I think is rest and with todays modern society it can be difficult.

Anyway some time ago I met a chap in Tesco who was doing a cycling challenge for charity and his group were riding Sheffield to London on a virtual turbo trainer. He had a large map behind him showing his progress and when he hit hills the turbo gets harder and replicated the power required.

I was rather impressed I spent 10 mins talking to the guy and he said he only recently started training and just done a 25 miles ride on the road, and now he was doing Sheffield to London. I thought wow this I impressive, I asked how long it would take him, he told me hopefully he would be done for 7 pm, it was around 10:30. I left him to it and then discovered on my way back past he was doing shifts with someone else. Still impressive but he had me fooled!

When I spoke to him he had said he had taken up the services from a cycling trainer. This sounded interesting so I looked a little further into it.

Winter riding is difficult you lose the light early and also the weather can be quite inclement. The pro and one or two others said I will need to give a turbo trainer a go to keep it up, especially if the weather is bad. This to me seems really boring just cycling along on your bike at home (that is the basic of turbo training and like riding an exercise bike but it’s your bike and feels a little more natural). Some set up TVs and watch films etc but I was also told not to just get on and pedal but need to work to a strict program by having ever-changing power requirements (hills in short) other wise you will last 20 minutes and jump off wth boredem.

Back to winter training and I spoke to Steve (guy who was traing the sheffield to london chap) and he offers cycling training using his computerised turbo training system. So I have signed up for a few months to try to take me through winter and improve my endurance and strength in a controlled environment.

Last night even through I am only 95% and a barking little I decided to have my first session. It was certainly different. I got on the bike for the first time in two weeks and it was tough, but I felt pleased I had got back on the saddle after a break.

The session is constant and that’s the difference so when you are on the road you never actually pedal 100% all of the time , when you are on the flat and going down hill you always tend to have mini rests, but on the turbo you have to pedal without stopping, there are no downhill sections.

The general setup is that your personal power output is established and then you work within your individual zones, so everyone else is doing exactly the same pattern at the same percentage output. So in essence when I am working at 85% of my capacity so is the person next to me but there max output could be more, same or less than me.

The programme I followed stated with a good warm up and then every few minutes I would pedal at 85% power and then for 30 seconds pedal at 120% like billy oh! You repeat this quite a lot over 1 and a half hours. Hopefully your body will build and get used to the requirements and then eventual you can do it with ease (hopefully). Finally a warm down !

Here is a snap shot !


Next session is Thursday !




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