Trawling Amazon for more goodies including the taboo subject – read on..

I have been on the lookout for more goodies on Amazon. It’s an expensive thing this training to get from London to Paris. its only a few quis using Ryanair !

I have been looking to top up my fuel supplies and also some chamois cream.

Normally I carry with me on all rides some fast acting carbs in case I have a diabetic low and some longer acting carbs which see me through the ride. Also I take water which has glucose added so I can sip away to keep me hydrated and my blood glucose in check.

Before I managed to workout my diabetes glucose control I was eating like a horse. Now I have got it down to a single long-lasting bar when doing a typical 40+ mile ride. This is more like it.

So here is a sample of my fuel at home.


Being a Yorkshire man I am keen for a bargin or two and just to give you an example for my water (large canister in the middle) I normally pay around £15 from one of the big four supermarkets for a 500g tub, however for under £15 you can get a 1.6kg tub “ont tinterweb” Bargain. If fact there were so many bargains I ended up with all this. As they say “every little helps” thanks to Amazon.

It will keep me going for months.


Now its time to move on to the taboo subject of chamois cream, cyclists out there will not be offended in any way as Chamios cream is your friend over long rides.

Time to get to grips with it and here it is UDDERLY SMOOTH

So we are all human (allegedly) and we either have an udder or we don’t. Its simple we all did some kind of biology at school and its nothing to be ashamed of.

When you have had a transplant let me tell you nothing is secret any more, you have more people prodding and poking you than you can imagine. It did not matter as I am alive.

Lets go back to the evening of 14th of December 2009 and I vividly remember coming round from the operation and being wheeled back to the ward. They got me comfy and then I realised I had a catheter.

Its seems an essential piece of kit, because you are sore you can’t be jumping out of bed every two minutes to go to the loo, having failing kidneys your body has gathered excess fluid so you can imagine all this with a new kidney it is removed pretty quickly. It was constant. But I do remember a nurse called Rachel who looked after me for the first 12 hours and she watched my every move. She had the most annoying noisy clogs on (being in a temp ward with wooden floors did not help) and all she did all night was tug my bloody catheter pipe every few minutes, she would not leave it alone. keep it flowing she said.

Anyway back to the real topic of chamois cream.

You are on a long ride and you are sat on a razor blade of a saddle, guess what udder or no udder it rubs you. This happens on long rides even with your nappy like shorts. I started to really feel it when I hit Sheffield centre on the way back from Lincoln.

You may say why not get a bigger saddle but I think the less contact you have the less chance of chaffing or the other way more the surface more chance of chaffing.

So here are one of my many bib cycling shorts showing the chamois section. This is the bit you sit on which is padded, as I said over time you still get rubbed.

So you get your cream and smear it over your chamois and then apply some around your udder and the crease of your legs and torso. Just for clarity same applies if you are udderless !

It’s a cream which is antibacterial and gives you lubrication, this help prevents broken skin and saddle soars. It’s the last place you want to be sore. I can see it will be essential and I will be bathing in it when I am in the saddle for 4 days constantly.

As it says it contains natural aloe vera, shea butter and sunflower oils to provide deep moisturising and lasting protection.

Other brands are available ! Not just Udderly Smooth, but I could not resist buying it ! Makes it a little easier to talk about it.


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