Its been a busy week and Charlie has been raced by wild horses

Its been a real busy week and with the darker nights here it is even more difficult. I am more determined but I do need to plan my training sessions better.

I have been on the bike twice this week but had planned for a longer session today but once again its been thwarted.

I had Monday night off as I did a session on Sunday morning so I went out on Tuesday evening on my normal peak route out towards Fox house and then back to Holmesfield and then into Sheffield centre via the ring road before returning home. Its a typical 30 miles route which has lots of changes in gradients and some of them are reasonably long if not steep.

I am certainly getting stronger as I got lots of personal bests according to the Strava app. This was good news as it was difficult climbing as I had the full force of a swirling wind and up the main climbs I was heading straight into it. Its was certainly a good workout.

Wednesday I have my once a month Sheffield Area Kidney Association meeting at the Northern General Hospital until 10pm. The committee is a mix of kidney patients and carers and we discus every thing from local treatment through to financial grants for patients in need.

I swiftly moved to Thursday night when I started feeling a little under the weather and all night had a painful sore throat, the dreaded cold was on its way courteously of the work place.

Going to work in a small office environment full of people is a real hazard as within 48 hours 4 of us are suffering. Every corner you turn there are people barking like a dog, snivelling, grasping sweets and tissues with the same hand and sneezing their head off all day long. On Friday there was a distinct smell of menthol in the air but it did not help.

On Thursday morning I booked a train ticket and a bike spot through to Scunthorpe for Saturday. I had planned a nice 50+ mile journey and return via the Northern General Hospital as they were hosting a home dialysis event.

Now the cold had taken me other this was looking less likely on Friday but I did say I would see how I felt on Saturday morning. Well its Saturday 12 noon and I am typing this so as you can guess I did not make the early train from Sheffield as I still feel drained and now snorting like a piglet. My alarm went off at 6:15 and I had a walk around and fell back into bed !

Its getting frustrating as twice now I have not made the train, I feel like I am sponsoring the Northern Nail and now the Trans Pennine Express as I keep buying tickets but not using them.  I think in future I am just going to pay on the day as I am obviously just jinxing my journey and ride.

Looking at the diary, it’s not too bad next week so I am planning to go out on Tuesday and Thursday  evening and see if I can fit in a Saturday morning in.

Oh another thing last night in case I was to get myself out today I did give Charlie a clean and some lubrication. I got here out and found she had been ridden by a couple of young steeds !


Its Jo, she helps with a Rainbow group and one of her little projects was to make and ride hobby horses around the Green in Dore village. The girls loved them, woudl haev loved to of got some footage of a grwon woman on her Hobby Horse. After Jo got her car out she must have decided that the Hobby horses wanted a ride on Charlie ! They looked like they were having a great time !

Oh I bought a few things too this week, look out for the next post to see my bargains and learn all about the essential udder cream !

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  1. Mmmm if you post pictures of a grown woman ridding a hobby horse she might get a cheeky pic of application of udder cream !!!

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