Don’t worry I am back in the saddle

Don’t worry I am still alive and kicking. Before you ask I have not been in hospital, prison or to the moon and back.

As you will have previously seen I had suffered an injury and some kind of virus. It’s not been great but I am now feeling fine again. When I say it’s not been great I mean in terms of training. I have not felt terrible just run down a little but training has taken a none existant back seat. I know I have 9 months to go but it does worry me not being on the bike and getting fitter. I want to do the challenge firing on all 8 cylinders I don’t want to struggle like hell and not enjoy it. Doing it in sheer pain every day is not the objective.

So my injury was knee related and I think I have finally got some answers, the physio I saw proved it to me. Basically I am not  physically symmetrical, in fact I am imbalanced (no comments please, I already know)

Matt proved it to me my making me do some strange meerkat type poses crossed with a seagull on one leg etc, well that’s what it felt like.



I have a lot less strength in my left side compared to the right side of my body. How odd I thought, apparently I have less glutes on the left than the right.

I took a snippet from the Internet to give you an idea of what we are talking about.


I have been given a range of exercises to strengthen these important bottom muscles which hopefully will help my knee from taking all the strain. Who knows my glutes could that big I will need some new bib shorts next ! I could end up like a Kardashian on a bike.  If you see what looks like a Kardashian on a bike its probably going to be me.

I also decided to visit a guy called Steve who has a company just around the corner from work who tests, trains and coaches cyclists. I thought I would invest in him to take a look at me actually on a bike. This was to see if everything was in alignment as I don’t want any future occurrences. Injury is the only thing that will prevent me from riding from London to Paris.

It was a good experience and now Charlie my bike has been transformed, those who look carefully will not recognise her. So what has Steve done ? He has tried to get my body and the necessary angles when sat on the bike correct and to do this he tweaked saddle position, my cleats, advised me on my footwear, crank length and finally turned my handle bars upside down. Of course I am not normal, but I already knew that.

When I say turned my bars upside down what I mean is that he has upturned the stem which holds the bars, this results in the bars being a little higher and less dropped. This has brought a slightly less aggressive position and a little more upright.

I put my trust in Steve and off I went for a little ride, this was to test the new set up and see how it feels but also to give my knee a gentle work out.

I only did 12 miles of which half was uphill of course but things felt good and I was loving the newer relaxed, less aggressive riding position.

Next time I will ride will be Saturday and I wonder if I will need my winter clothing on !


It’s not looking brilliant and the most concerning thing is the 40+ MPH winds predicted by the weather people. Maybe I will be pushed along by storm Brian during Saturdays journey, I am going north so maybe it will help !

Back soon.

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