First 50 mile ride ambushed

Its been very quiet on the bike front which is a little worrying for me. You may have noted that I had some kind of strain in the shoulder, neck upper back area following my last ride which was over a week ago.

This cleared up by around Tuesday so I made the decision to get a train booked from Sheffield to Lincoln. Below is the proof that I was serious.


The last plan was to get the train and then have a good 50 mile ride back home. I had psyched myself up for this and really looking forward to this challenge. I can’t believe I just said that, certainly not 2 months ago. Thought it would be a good session and instead of the norm of up a hill and then immediately down a hill every 20 mins in Sheffield. I could get some good distance over small undulations and enjoy the ride and scenery. Thinking it was going to be more like the french terrain.

On Wednesday I went to see a client near Gainsborough, this takes me on the route I would take, so once again I could take a good look  and was more than happy and a little excited I was about to do my first 50 mile ride !

Then disaster struck ARGHHH!!!

I awoke on Thursday morning and both knees and ankles were in agony ! had I done the London marathon in my sleep?  Not too sure why as I have not been on a bike for a week. As I got moving it eased but not to the extent I was able to do anything strenuous.

In the past I have had some pain with my knees following running, hence the reason I went to the bike thinking this was the way forward !

It is not the same as before as the more I walk on the knee the more the pain went and in the past it has been that bad my knee was severely swollen, hot to touch, red could not put any weight on it at all. This time nothing apart from pain when I have not moved them for 15 mins. Just wondering if it is a combination of not feeling too good like a virus type of thing and my joints have been affected.

So the 50 mile dream is over for this and next week !

I did offer the train ticket to anyone else but a bit problematic as it was only one way. At least it was only £7 ! and the train app provides the weather too and it did not look too good apart from a nice temperature.


Next weekend is out as I am attending a National Kidney Federation annual conference.

Mind you I might need all next week to recover and I think it is time my knee checked out by a knee professional to see what is going on in there !

The frustrating thing of all this is that I felt in the last week I had made some real progress on the peaks and times were getting faster and faster which I was a good measure of improvement. I was more confident of the challenge ahead of London to Paris but the hard work has been destroyed. So frustrating.

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