Several revolutions forward and one back

This week has been mixed. When I say mixed I started off great at the beginning of the week.

Monday night I had a Sheffield Area Kidney Association AGM to go to, so Monday was out. My first ride out of the week was Tuesday. I was not not too sure which way to go but headed straight up to the peak district, This time I went up what I would call a bit of a challenge for a complete 5 week novice like me, For those that know Sheffield all I have to say is “Long Line”.

I made it and was pleased with my self, I continued the steady climb to fox house and then over to Owler Bar, Holmesfield. Meadowhead, Gleadless and then down to Queens Road and home.

I could tell autumn is on the way as whilst I was out there were leaves starting to fall and the sun dropped very quickly. I got to Holmesfield and it was dark and when I say dark it was dark ! It was hard going when there are no street lights, when I got to the city zone of the new LEDs its was a lot better and easier on the road.

I had done this route before and this time I felt like I was flying and i got home and felt really good.

I rushed to look at my Strava App to see how I had improved. I was gutted as the App had started for 3 seconds and for some reason it stopped, it must have stopped when I placed the phone in my rear water proof pocket.

I certainly improved quite a bit but just can’t prove it.

The next ride out was Thursday evening and I headed north, i did a few circuits from Sheffield centre to Hillsborough (a nice bit of flat training) and then headed to Worrall, Loxley and then Bradfield and home.


So for the beginning of the week had I managed around 55 miles but then it’s when things took a backwards step.

I awoke on Friday and had a very tight shoulder and a few pains in down my back, neck and chest. I assume I have strained something somewhere but the knock on effect is I don’t feel 100% generally and not well enough to hit the road on Saturday as planned.

It’s a time of as a kidney patient there is need to be a little careful as you need to know if it is a strain or is there other problems like infections underlying etc. Due to this I always start doing some extra monitoring like extra blood glucose checks and temperature readings, these are sometimes good indicators of a problem starting. If there are problems then it is a phone call and then trip to room 1 at Sorby at the Northern General Hospital.

You can never be too careful when you are lucky to receive the gift of life.

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