Planning the out of town ride !

So I am thinking of having a ride which is not circular.

Why am I thinking of this you ask?

Well I think that being dropped off in the middle of nowhere by Jo (the 4th emergency service) and get yourself home gives you some more incentive and also I feel that this is going to be more realistic to the challenge in front of me and not just going round in a giant circle.

As I am having a weekend off my bike due to not feeling 100% we went to Lincoln. Me and Jo thought this may be a good start to get a 45 plus mile ride in.

Lincoln is a nice city and has a good mix of the old and new. Lots of  independent shops including the obligatory cake and cup of tea. Always reminds me a little bit of York with the cobbled streets, the cathedral and fudge shops !


For the 30th of September the weather was great and there was no need for a coat.

So the idea in the next couple of weeks is to get Jo to drop me off north of Lincoln in the morning, then for me to pick my way back home to Sheffield. One thing you need to plan for is that you need to cross the M1 and A1 at some time. I noticed there are a couple of routes where you have to go south to get around the A1. I need to get some longer runs in but it seems a little crazy and not logical to start traveling south to go north !

Just need to plan when now I know where !

45 mile

Oh also this weekend I added to my cycle clothing and added some cold weather gear, including some lovely  bib shorts complete with tights !

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