2 Rides – 1 weekend

The weekend is here, it wont be long until I am writing my blog in December and the 25th will be upon us.

So off I went with Dave for a ride. Dave is the owner of Cycling Sheffield and he is a professional ! He successfully runs his cycling team. I did ask him what he did for a job before cycling. His answer was cycling. I said no before cycling and he said cycling. Dave basically has been a cyclist all his life so he is a real professional. Dave offered his assistance and information which is good for me.

I told Dave to take it easy and he said he would.

Off we went from Beauchief cross roads and we headed to Totley and then up the rise, next out of Sheffield to Owler Bar. It’s a fair old climb for a novice, I puffed and panted all the way but I made it. According to Strava these are category 3 and 4 climbs.

From Owler bar we headed across to fox house and then up to Surprise View. once again another climb. I was slow but I made it and I did not think I would.

Once at Surprise View it was pure please all down hill catching up cars and vans as we made a hasty descent to Hathersage. One things about being on the larger side of life is down hill your weight certainly gives you some momentum.

Now the thing to realise is that if you have come down you have to go back up to get home.

We had a tea at Colemans Deli in Hathersage and then we were back at it and Dave took my back the same way to Fox House which was a 3.5 mile trek up one big hill  !

I was hurting given the hills involved but it felt great as I have only been at it for 4 weeks and I never thought I would be able to ride up these hills 4 weeks ago. you will see my route below and the elevation profile.


So that was my first ride of the weekend. The second being a typical training run I have done quite a few times to Rotherham, Parkgate, Mushroom garage, Stag, Whiston, Brinsworth and then home.

I keep doing this route as it lets me compare and see if I am improving. Its well rehearsed and has a general mix of flat and gradual gradients.

I felt pretty good even through I did the big climb the day before. I can really tell I am speeding up and this time I did this the quickest ever. Ok I am no pro but did it in 2 hours and 6 mins.

Now the benefit of Strava is that it logs every segment and compares each segment from sessions before. I scored many personal  firsts and shot up the gradual long steady gradients compared to before. I averaged over 12 MPH.

This weekend I logged just short of 50 miles. Not massive but I achieved something for myself this weekend ! It gave me faith that I can do this challenge !

P.S I had no problems with diabetes and only ate a single banana bar instead of the normal 4 !


reg route.PNG


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