Getting ready to carry out repairs to Charlie

I had the worst possibility when riding, a puncture, I did get home in the end. The very next day I once again trundled my way into the Giant shop in Sheffield.

First was to buy some new inner tubes, secondly was to see how the pros dealt this frustrating situation (brought on by my Dad).

I got the inner tubes 3 for £10 which I thought was not bad and then we moved on to the money time as I was informed of what is required.

The friendly chap in Giant said that he would carry a spare tube or two and then pump your new tube to 45 psi using a mini hand pump. Then the magic starts.

You get a small metal canister a couple of inches long which is filled with CO². you it this to the pump and then inject the gas into the tyre via the pump.

I asked the staff at Giant Sheffield if they had regulars, you know people who call into the shop every single week. The answer worried me as they said yes and I feel like I am slowly becoming a regular which mean more money. When I look at staff all I can see is $ signs in there eyes like the cartoon characters had !

So a few more wine vouchers to a very good cause !

Also during the day I ordered some new “winter” tyres which hopefully will help during the cold and damp weather. When I say winter I am clear they wont help my when it snows !  Also I thought I would invest in more bib shorts at the same time.

More wine vouchers gone ! Its certainly an expensive game this cycling malarkey.

So here are what I have got.. Just need to fit them !


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