Changing a tube and tyre

Got home from work after receiving all my goodies on the previous post.

Let the engineering begin, so job one was to change the inner tube and then fit the new “winter” tyres.

Charlie got her own special piece of carpet to lay on and off with her wheels !

Last time I did something like this I was in small shorts and probably around 10 I used to have a Raleigh Grifter and I remember Papalazarou showing how to use tire levers as with all those jumps would make out of wood and bricks I had many punctures.

They were great days changing gear and pedalling as fast as possible down the back alleys of Oldham and up the wood with 5 bricks high and wow I felt like Evel Knievel.

Mind you whilst in Oldham my Dad did take me to see Eddie Kidd and that were I learned all my Grifter stunts !

It’s all coming back to me know and I used to play this dangerous stunt game increasing  the height of the jump by adding more bricks with Ian, Clifford and sometimes Shaun. How we did not end up with multiple fracture I don’t know but we have lots of fun and kids probably don’t do these things nowadays as there is too much cotton wool about in my opinion.

As you can see she’s in bits but not for long. OK its no formula 1 tyre stop but it was good practice for when I am out and about  !

All ready for two rides over the weekend !



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