Jinxed by my Dad AKA Papalazarou

It’s just begun to rain In Rotheham and I am at the road side awaiting the 5th emergency service to arrive. I say 5th as the 4th is my wife Jo but she is doing rainbow things

Scott number one step son is coming to the rescue.

I was on fire for speed and managed an average of 15 MPH over 10 miles I was a 3rd round my normal circuit loop. Then pop bumperty bumperty bump and grind to a halt.

Bloody flat tyre 10 miles from home and nothing to repair it with. That will teach me.

It’s raining a little harder now.

Winding back the clock I spoke to mom and papalazarou on the phone and my dad was going on about punctures. He was helpful when he said can’t I carry a spare wheel…  Not a tube but a spare wheel!!

He said he warned and in less than 24 hours his jinx came true!

Must be organised next time

Oh the pub in the distance is shut as I could have used my emergency tenner.

Poor Charlie

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