Going for a longer ride – AND I HIT 40 MILES !!!!!

It’s a Saturday morning so it’s a riding day. Charlie has had its first service and it feels new, even through it is only 4 weeks old.

Midweek I did a quick 25 miles but was more tricky to organise with my bike going for a service and a few other commitments.

I wanted to try to get a little bit further than the normal 27 miles to see how I get on. I thought I would try for distance and to do this for now I want to do more flat work.  How wrong I was.

First thing was when I got up I reduced the amount of long acting insulin to see what happens.

The difficulty with the insulin situation is that I have to be organised, As I take it when I get up I have to make the decision there and then. So it’s a difficult one to go out for a ride out of the blue.

I got all my kit together and off I went. As per normal I had nothing planned but took the usual route out to Meadowhall.

You can see the map that I covered a few miles and went through Rotherham, then climbed up through Parkgate and Rawmarsh Hill. I headed north and went through some nice little villages along the way. I then hit Barnsley, headed through Silkstone and emerging at Wortley and then I knew I was a few miles from home but it was mainly going to be downhill or flat.


So for all this long and flatter actively… You can see my elevation profile it was far from flat and at times I did struggle, for 100 metres up a very steep hill I did jump off and walk to the top.


I really enjoyed the ride and as the day went I saw several pros (pros to me !) they are a friendly bunch as they always give a nod of the head or in fact shout hello as you go past (when I say go past its normally as they have stopped and certainly not riding).

The other massive plus on this ride is my blood glucose levels. As I went I ate three cereal type bars and during the ride I started with BG reading of 12 and ended up at between 7-8 all the way ! Looks like the cutting down of long acting insulin.

So the result of all this is that I managed just over 40 miles on the bike, averaged 12.2 MPH.

Today for the fist time my legs and shoulders ache not mentioning the undercarriage department.

This challenge is going to be extremely difficult but I have hope that it can be done. I am on week 4, I think I have learned a lot and got far further than I ever expected to do.


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