Saturday 8th of September – National Kidney Federation executive meeting and then a ride.

Before you know it Saturday is here again. This saturday I have lots planned and the days starts with a visit to Sheffield train station to pick up Holly who is one of the NFK executive members.

The train arrives on time, pick up Holly and then head to Worksop the HQ for the NKF. Today is a pre organised executive meeting of the NKF.  We normally have around  6 of these ever year and it is where the executive members (mainly patients and carers etc) decide on the direction of the charity and then as Chair I give direction to our CEO to carry out the wishes of the executive.

Traditionally these meetings have been held in London, which gives fair chance for all members to attend. This year we have had spring / summer meetings in Worksop and then the winter meets are to be in London. Executive members live all around the UK and transport links always seem the best for the majority when in London.

The meeting went well and we got through a considerable amount of business, we finished about 15:30 so I had a mad dash back to Sheffield, drop Holly off and then home to get into the Lycra for  another ride.

I am starting to find it difficult around Sheffield to start increasing the distance as it is all up hill or down hill. It sounds perfect for training but I feel I can’t spend my life climbing steep hills as I feel I wont be ready for large distances on gradual gradients and the flat.

So this is something to think about over the next few weeks.

This time I headed down the Don Valley and then towards Ecclsefield climbed to Thorpe Hesley, had a quick banana bar and checked my blood sugars. Now I am with technology (well trying) I whatsapped my Daughter Sam and told her I had not got time to stop but will fly past her house in 10 mins.

She was not quick enough with her phone, this was the result.


I did warn you on the other post that my clothing needed sun glasses! you can’t miss me, Well Sam nearly did !

I headed back to Rotherham and got back on the same old route around Parkgate, Mushroom Roundabout, stag, Whiston, Brinsworth, Meadowhall and back home.



One thing is that my average speed is starting to increase and I am seeing on the same routes I am getting a little quicker every time and can now manage to cycle up Union road in Sheffield.

Apart from monday next week I will be a little hampered with cycling as Charlie the TCR is going for its first service to tighten everything up as I am certainly suffering from cable stretch and a few little noises etc.

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