I bought some new kit

I was warned as things progressed I would want to buy new kit and upgrade some of the basic kit I had bought. Well it is happening already and I can see as the months progress and I get fitter and the distances increase more new kit will be required. I can see it being a bit like cars that cost you significant sums to keep up!

Up north it is getting darker by the day now which is reducing my cycling opportunity, soon it will be dark when I finish work.

The problem with this is that I would like to continue training on the road but its dark.

I find on my current routes I won’t have a problem seeing the road so much with street lights etc but I have a problem with people seeing me !

So I went out and bought the brightest top I could find to wear over the top of my normal cycling top. Keep me a light warmer and brighter.

Its that bright you would see me coming from the moon and in the day time you will need sun glasses.


Then the other things are lights, well what a mind field this is….  I ended up with some LED lights which charge up via a phone charger and which have several different patterns of flashing !

I must say the rapid flashing (one down from a strobe) is the best as it really stands out even in the day time. This really annoys me as a driver which is good and shows me it is going to work.


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