Riding in the Peak District with no CGM

It was the Tuesday after the all the weekend problems with the CGM and a day before I meet with my diabetes specialist for the first time since deciding to take on the challenge.

I decided to venture into the peak district which is just on the south-west edge of Sheffield. It’s an area of beauty and very popular particular at weekends with cyclists, walkers, climbers and a few taking part in some paragliding.

Just take a look here.

Once again off I went all kitted up with the exception of not having CGM, this is a real pain as I have to take regular blood tests and I won’t get an idea of what direction my sugars are going whilst I am travelling, plus I will have to stop !

Straight in the saddle and I had to do a 1000 ft climb from Sheffield to Fox house. This is approximately 8 miles in total. I was surprised that I managed this without stopping before the summit, however I was slow. As I approached Sheep hills a small group of 5 or 6 fellas passed me at a rate of knots. they said hello and then disappeared into the distance. they were definatly pros!  As I got to the top I stopped and did a blood test to reveal I was 5 so I thought I would take some action and have a lovely tasting banana bar. Yum Yum, then I could see a man on a bike which was quite upright with tiny wheels in comparison to mine. He was peddling like billy-O.

As he was about to pass me he stopped and asked my if everything was OK. It was but then I must have mis-heard him as I said to him I am fine I am just having a banana bar. He replied and looked down at my bike and said he had not heard of a banana bar and where and what is it on my bike.

Well we laughed and off he went home going over the summit and probably down towards Hathersage. As I was just about to get on the bike to get across to Owler Bar  a single cyclist blitzes past me at a speedy pace – whoosh  it was Lisa the lady I bought my bike from, within minutes she was gone ! If you are local to the Sheffield cycling scene I am sure you will know who I mean.

I continued on to Owler bar, Homesfield, Bradway, Low Edges, Meadowhead, Norton and then finally came to Gleadless Townend where I started making a descent towards home.

Apart from stopping to check my BG levels every 20 mins I had a great ride and managed just over 28 miles with a decent 8 miles 1000ft  climb. The plus I did this above the speed I need to do during the challenge. So all I need to do is continue and slowly eek out the distance. I know it’s not massive compared to the pros but a real achievement for me. I was really pleased. Especially as I have not been on a bike for years until the last 4 weeks.

Hospital tomorrow !


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