First ride after holiday – OMG

So I got back on thursday. I had consumed far too much drink and food whilst on holiday. I was dreading my first ride but decided I would have a day’s rest on the friday to let any residue of red french wine and cheese to seep from my system. I decided against the obligatory glass of weekend wine on friday night.

I felt good on saturday morning got on all my gear, then I had to choose my fuel for the session.


Off I went with no real idea were to venture too this time. I headed out via my normal exit route through Sheffield town centre avoiding major traffic islands and using the car forbidden bus gates and lanes. At last I am allowed to enter them without receiving a £60 fine for straying over the line.

I headed up Penistone road, through centre of Hillsborough and then around the one way system at Malin Bridge, got passed by a “biker pro” as I headed up towards Loxley.

Loxley Valley is a beautiful green area in Northern Sheffield and the road takes you out towards Lower Bradfield. This is a steady long climb for a good half an hour towards Bradfield.

I was really struggling as soon as I hit the first hill. I could tell I had got problems early on in the ride. It was certainly the punishment for going on holiday, as I got to Bradfield disaster and embarrassment struck.

I had climbed enough and when the road was clear both ways, i was facing up hill I turned around in the middle of the road. Argghhh I had not got enough momentum as I turned and fell off, flat on my face.

Why did I fall off ? All down to the cleats and I could not get my feet out quick enough and facing uphill I had no momentum to stay upright on the bike. So lesson to be leaned do not turn around slowly up hill !

Most important thing was that no one saw me (ignoring any injuries) so all was well, I headed back down the hill, into Sheffield and home.

I only did 19 miles but did manage to keep a decent average speed but it was really hard work and I felt that the little amount of fitness I had gained had vaporised into thin air.  Its early days but with a ride like this you start to think would I ever be ready for this challenge next year ?

Diabetes wise and start nibbling after 15 mins things were good but then again I did not go out for a full ride.

Soon be time to get back out on Charlie again.



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