France Je ne sais quoi

As I said in the previous post I have been missing for a week.

I am currently sat on a Ryanair flight from Brittany in France back to East Midlands airport in the uk. I have been away for a week to enjoy a nice break from work and have some fantastic food and wine !

Why Brittany you ask, well several reasons really. Here is the list !

  • 55-minute flight from UK
  • Cheap flights
  • Great food and wine
  • Good food
  • Nice and green and not just baron
  • Nice people
  • Moderate weather not too hot or cold most of the time
  • Finally it’s our home

Since my transplant I am always cautious when out of the UK as many of us recipients don’t feel as secure when abroad due to potential health issues arising. Brittany is great for me as I have several escape routes back to the uk in a few hours if I don’t feel too well. Typically, these are

  • Three flights per week
  • Daily ferries
  • 2 hours from Paris and then Eurostar back to London
  • Drive to Calais then short ferry to dover

It’s not that I don’t trust the French health care system but when you are not fully converse with the lingo it makes me a little nervous.

Also after my transplant I was told that I would be more vulnerable to skin cancer, due to the anti-rejection drugs.  The advice is to keep covered at all times and wear factor 50. As Brittany is more moderate it can be achieved. I would hate to be in 32°C and have to hide In the shade all the time as in southern Europe.

Therefore for many reason Brittany’s just perfect .

I had premonitions that once I got my transplant me and Jo would travel the world, however I have had to revise that idea and stick to more advanced countries for my own piece of mind. We all have different thoughts on risk.

During my visit to France for the week we organised a day out in Paris courtesy of the TGV. The TGV is a fast train in France and something I would like to think HS2 will achieve but more advanced, howerver France did it many years ago. Just shows how far behind we are in the UK when it comes to high speed rail. We travelled over 350 miles in an hour and a half. Just amazing.

I have been to a few European cities in the last few years. I have to say I do think Paris is different. It has class, charm, nice people, fantastic green spaces and very low-cost attractions if not free in most cases.

Paris has “je ne sais quoi”

We walked for hours in Paris and at one point we visited the Arc de Triomphe where I believe will be the finish of my epic journey from London to Paris. Jo pointed out that as we walked up the Champs-Élysées was a gradual climb, howerver if I can make it there then that will be easy as I have no doubt the adrenalin will be pumping as I see sight of the finish and my wife Jo.  Then I will have no doubt I will have made it.



Until then there are going to be lots of gruelling training sessions to complete. Now I have had my holiday let the serious 3 times a week session begin. Starting tomorrow !

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