Friendly advice – Power of Facebook

I have not been up to much cycling in the last week, on the next post to come you will find out why !

When I decided to cycle from London to Paris my wife decided to publish it on facecloth to start the year long process of building up links to increase awareness and some fundraising.

A few days later Jo was contacted by a someone at the Sheffield Giant store. They suggested I contacted a gent called Dave Coulson who may be able to give me some advice.

I did a bit of research on Dave and it was clear Dave was a professional within the cycling world. What more could I ask for ? This could certainly be a step in the right direction !

I met Dave on a Thursday morning in a local coffee shop / deli called Brigazzis on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield. I had not met Dave before but I spotted him pretty quickly as he was parked outside and I thought surely there were not going to be many people meeting here with a car like this. Mind you he was highlighted buy a couple of yellow flashing lights on a parking wardens vehicle parked behind. The local Sheffield parking wardens were on hand to move Dave on !


I found more out about Dave, who runs and manages a cycling team in Sheffield called Cycling Sheffield. Dave told me about the team and his concept is interesting and it is all about our city of Sheffield. It was clear within minutes that Dave has a real passion for cycling and just one of the reasons he cycles goes back to his childhood and it gave Dave a feeling of freedom.

He told me that he would like to give something back. As you know that is my own reason for doing the challenge. We continued to talk and Dave said he thought the challenge was possible given the time scale in front of me. Dave said he could help and would drop me a line. Of which he was true to his word and it wont be long until we meet up again to take things a little further.

Now you are thinking what am I expecting ? I am not expecting Dave to train me, I would just like some advice on what I need to do to be in a position to carry out the challenge. A basic plan of how many miles, how many times a week lets say before Christmas, at what point do I step it up to the next level etc etc. Then the hard work is down to me !

I will let you know how things develop on this front as I am sure Dave will make a big difference to my challenge. No doubt be interesting for him as there are always problems with Diabetes and Kidney disease of which I have to manage.




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