The diabetes experiment on my official third ride on Charlie

I have been missing for a few days since my last ride, well when I say missing I have not been able to write a follow up. Don’t worry I am back today for at least a day.

So I followed my plan and at around 3:30 I poped the little pasta pot in the microwave at work. Everyone thought the clock was wrong and I was on my lunch. Wrong I was “carbing” up for my third ride.

Down the hatch went the pasta, it was a nice welcomed snack later afternoon. I must not get used to this as I will put 6 stone back on!

I went home and got all my kit ready – glucose drink, insulin pen, freestyle libre for on the go blood testing, a couple of Bloks bars, waterproof and of course my emergency tenner.


Off I went clipped in to the pedals with BG levels around 9.  I had decided I was going to repeat a ride of City Centre, Meadowhall, Rotherham, Parkgate and back via Mushroom Garage, Whiston, Brinsworth, Meadowhall and finally via the city centre.

This idea was that I really wanted to experience the difference of Charlie the bike compared to my trail bike as I did this route 2nd time out with “Frank the Tank”.

I felt strong when I set off and I could just tell things were better on this ride within the first 15 minutes, I was making good progress on the flat and pushing on well. My BG levels were steady and I got to Meadowhall in no time, probably quicker than some of the cars as traffic was far more congested than last time.

I circumnavigated Meadowhall, climbed to Rotherham town centre using the new deserted link road, my BG started showing  a slight downwards trend so in went the some Bloks for energy.

I steamed ahead and made it to Parkgate, across the wash (the wash was well known in Rotherham as it was a toll road. It was British Steel land and they would charge you for cutting the corner, no more troll on the toll any more).

This was the first time I saw a large dip in BG so I stopped had a glucose drink and more bloks. I recovered very quickly compared to last time and off I went with around 13 miles to home. I smashed the climbs compared to last time and did not even have to get off at Brinsworth. This was much better, more power, more energy and was certain it was a little quicker.

There is no need for speed on my challenge as its not a race, but I need to maintain a minimum of 12 MPH to keep up to the timings expected.

Traffic had lessened and I made it back to Netheredge and I had Finished.

Reviewing the ride I was happier with my Diabetes, still work to be done and not be complacent but it was better. I felt stronger, quicker and felt much faster up the little climbs than before.

I logged on to map my ride to see the progress and yes I had improved. In fact I smashed 20 mins off this ride compared to before.


I averaged 12.1MPH so this is increasing all the time and thinking  back on how many times I stopped in Sheffield for traffic lights and roundabouts this result was very positive.

Question – Was it my bike or just me ? I think ts was a combination of both and the other main key is diabetes as whilst the glucose levels are up at 9 ish then power is available. When it dips I dip pure and simple…

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