Getting ready for tonight’s ride and the diabetes food experiment

I am getting prepared for tonight’s ride and going to try something different diabetes wise.

So the plan instead of trying to drink 2 litres of sugary fluid is I am going for my diabetes devil food. Pasta, yes its pasta. I love and adore a bit of pasta with a pesto tomato and chilli based sauce.  But it plays havoc, the reason for this is that my body seems to take an age to convert the starchy carbs into energy.

This is a typical night on pasta. Take blood sugars and be in normal range, eat some of my lovely pasta and have the necessary insulin. The pasta takes that long that I end up having a hypo. Due to this I have to top up with jelly babies then around 3-4 am in the morning the conversion is done and before I know the carbs are released and I will be ridding extremely high up towards 18 ! which then I have to counter in a morning with more insulin etc, the see saw begins up and down for the rest of the day.

I have tried having insulin later than when I eat but it’s that unpredictable I just can’t get it right.

The thought is that I need a release of good steady carbs latter in my ride so if I fill up at work at around 16:00 before I go out at around 18:00 I should start getting this carbs to take effect and help me along the way without the low. This is todays 16:00 snack.



As you can see if has nearly 50g of carbs which is a reasonable amount as long it releases slowly.

Whilst I was in Tesco I manged to find something else instead of downing 2 litres of fluid for during the ride and these beauties may do the trick !


This little bar on its own has nearly 50 g of carbs and is light, easy to carry and I could pop in a segment every 20 mins or until I can find what I need to keep my blood sugars up.

Hopefully with a new strategy this may be the way forward of long acting carbs together with short acting carbs. No doubt my specialist will give me better guidance when I go in a couple of weeks.

The other day when my wife posted about my challenge, she got a response from Giant in Sheffield and they have offered me some free advice about training etc from the racing gang. Just organising a meet up with Dave and be interesting to see how he thinks how I should approach training fo the challenge, at the moment I am just getting on the bike and doing a few miles to steadily build some stamina and not speed !

I will report back tomorrow on the diabete challenge…….



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