This weekends session – juggling diabetes again

I planned to go out for a spin on Saturday afternoon.

I am not convinced it was a great idea as I had been out on Friday night and enjoyed some nice wine and food to help my dad celebrate his 70th birthday. I was also due to go out socially Saturday night so I was between rock and a hard place as to what day to pick for my bi weekly bike only training session.

I had been to yet another cycle shop on Saturday morning and saw all the expert cycling fraternity all getting in their new sprockets and sockets etc. I am far from being in their league or club yet.

I went to look for a suitable water bottle, cage and also a small compact saddle bag. You would not believe the complexity in just picking a suitable water bottle to match a suitable cage. Some did not fit well into particular cages etc and the price differences of a bottle ranged from £4 up to £20 and to me being a basic pretend cyclist (AKA Road Lice) they are just water bottles. No doubt some of you semi pro riders will be able to enlighten me as to the difference but I am lost.

So I found a suitable bottle and cage after 10 minutes of deliberations.  moving on to the bag that was quite easy. I wanted something I could put my insulin in and very lightweight waterproof and a £10 note. You never know when £10 may become useful to bribe someone on your travels.

I managed to find a little saddle bag and you can hardly see it and it weighed very little in the grand scheme of things.

On the way out I saw some glucose only powder and I took a look and thought this would be perfect for my constant uptake of carbs, my diabetic nurse said “keep sipping glucose”. I went to the counter carrying this tub of powder and I felt I was about to turn into a protein wielding power lifter.


That was that and off home I went to get my kit on and mix the glucose drink in to my new 1 litre bottle.

Thinking about what route to do today and I decided I would travel north to Stocksbridge. Stocksbridge is best described as the last largest town out of Sheffield before the road splits to Manchester and Huddersfield. It has been a steel town for many years and all the works are in the bottom of a steep valley of where the little Don flows. I assume it was built like this to use the river water. The majority of these have now gone and a new out-of-town shopping centre called “Fox Valley” named after Samuel Fox who founded a large steel works on the site has been built.

Just before setting off I checked my blood sugars and was riding around 9 and thought perfect, not to low and not too high. Off I went through Sheffield City centre and made my way towards Hillsborough passing Sheffield Wednesday who were about to kick off at Fulham (Wednesday won 1-0 in the end).

I continued checking my glucose levels and all was stable and I had started sipping my glucose drink after a couple of miles, after around 12 miles my legs started tiring so I checked again and I could I started to drop and got a vertical downwards arrow (means it’s dropping quickly) by this time I started to drink the glucose drink and finished it off only half way round. This trend continued so I called in at a petrol station to fuel up with my emergency £10 and bought 2 x 500mm bottles of still Lucozade and some verbal type bars which have starchy carbs in them for the more long-lasting effect.

I stopped for 15 minutes fully recovered and set back off, the only issue by the time I got home I had consumed 2 litres of fluid and things where sloshing around, which is never a good feeling ! I need to find fast and also sustainable carbs and not just fluid to re-fuel. Maybe time to go back to pasta of which I love but it makes a real mess of control due to the pasta carbs being slow to absorb v insulin so I end up low and then high overnight.

In the end I managed 26 miles on the road and average around 11 MPH in stop start traffic through Sheffield. So reaching my goal of 12 MPH is achievable.

map 2

My main objective is to try to get my diabetes controlled better, if I don’t completing this challenge is going to be extra difficult. Fortunately I go and see my diabetes expert in two weeks.



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