My new bike – TCR (Tricky Charlie Road lice)

Well its going to be a short post tonight, as I recover from the shock.  I have just been to the bike shop and parted with a load of pennies. Jo says its bred and water for a few months until I can secure a sponsor or two !

I have just been trying for the first time this cleat and shoe business and nearly had several side ways falls. Luckily Jo was on standby to help (not laugh!). Its certainly not easy and I am going to need loads of practice before I venture onto the public road. I can just see it now pulling up at some traffic lights sneaking down the inside and failing into a Porsche. Better make sure I am well insured.

So its definitely a girl and now its time for the name. The bike is a TCR, here goes and hope it makes sort of sense, well it does to me.

She is called  Tricky Charlie Roadlice

Tricky for the T as its going to be “tricky” to master the cleats and shoes.

Charlie as he is an extremely important of the medical transplant team at NGH and gave me excellent advice in his softly spoken tone. (Yes I know he is a man but it works in my head but this TCR is a girl !)

Road lice, work this one out for your self but according to work colleagues I have just joined up.

Watch out car drivers as when I am not in my car I will be on Charlie ! don’t know which is most dangerous.




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