My 2nd Ride – Diabetes Problems

Good old “Frank the Tank” came back out of the garage for the final time, he will later be relegated to my external storage space (wet and cold) before  pick up my new bike tonight.

It was good weather, not too hot or cold at 6 pm but I am a little wary as the sun is starting to go down a little quicker so you have to be a little wary of not getting stuck in the dark.

So I was armed with my new bib shorts (these are shorts which go over your shoulder and keep your back covered and also encompass some padding for down below) It was the first time I have worn them for ridding and to be totally honest it felt like I was wearing an oversized nappy. Not that I have tried one, just my imagination of what it would be like !

I was going to venture a little further this time but not encompass too many elevations. I  don’t have a set route but was going to head towards Rotherham and down the don valley.

As mentioned I am a type 1 diabetic and I wear a continuous glucose monitor which is excellent for cycling as you don’t have to stop to take your blood sugars.

I checked my levels before I set off and I was ruining at 6, so I thought due to the exercise to be undertaken I would have a couple of carb portions to keep me going. This is what I do when I run 5k and it works well as other the time of 5K my levels tend to drop.

So off I went on frank together with my oversized nappy and day glow clothing.

I went through Sheffield city centre, the ride was going well but the traffic was problematic, stop start at all lights and the odd lung full of some of Sheffield’s oldest bus fumes. Talk about wanting to ban diesel cars, they need to tackle some of these first !

I had good run through to Rotherham via Meadowhall (large out-of-town shopping centre) . Eventually I got to Park Gate (Rotherhams answer to a Meadowhall out-of town shopping).

I stopped for a couple of minutes once I got to the large Asda near where the locally famous Mushroom garage is located. It had been a Rover garage for many years and was named Mushroom garage due to a car which was perched on a pedestal which looked like a mushroom

If you look closely you will just see it in the background on the RH side of the photo.


At this point I checked my BG levels and I was astonished to see I had hit 18 and it was still rising ! This is not good.

No idea what had happened  but I started to make my way back as I had no insulin with me. I did not carry anything apart from glucose as when you are on a mission you need to be as light as possible and any savings is a bonus for me !!

I did get home in the end and covered a total of 24.5 miles and burnt off a 1000 calories !


I spoke to a diabetes nurse specialist this morning to understand what had happened to my BG levels. Apparently its a classic case of “shock / stress” and the amount of exercise I had undertaken.

So from what I can gather riding through town in all the traffic would have increase my stress levels and my body would have released  epinephrine which gets the body read for a “fight – or – flight” response. Also this would have been released due to the extra strain as my body was told to “fuel up”  Therefore after taking of the carbs initially, this turned out to be a bad idea and that the nurse recommended I slowly sipped a glucose as I went and keep monitoring more often and alow a significant rise in the short terms other wise I could have a serious low later.

Then as my liver had run out of glycogen over night any carbs I ate was being converted back to storage and of course this morning I had the obligatory low then high to follow

Below you will see the increase during the ride and then over night and the bounce this morning. Now I am stable again. Then again have I ever been stable ?

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