Buying a new bike

So off I went to buy a new bike, I went to several shops as previously mentioned.

Its a difficult and expensive decision to make.

I found a cycle shop in Sheffield who gave me great advice and spent nearly an hour with me and Jo on a Sunday which was impressive.

I also find Sunday shopping a little problematic as there are a lot of triers bot not many buyers so sales staff always seem less interested and spend less time with you.

I have seen this many times when buying a new car, never go on a Sunday if you are serious, as its a complete waste of time. It seems to me that car shopping on a Sunday in the likes of Audi, Mercedes and BMW is a family day out. Car doors slamming, windows going up and down and now with electric tail gates these are also moving to the drone of the triers.  I asked the sales guy who I bought a new car from and even he said never come on a Sunday as I can’t give you the time due to the pandemonium of triers.

I went in one large bike store and this was exactly what I saw, too many people and not enough staff I immediately turned around and went to the next.

So I picked the store, next was which bike? Choices choices choices. I was given the benefits of carbon, disk brakes, different pedals etc and then I had the  explanation about groups sets from Claris, Sora, Tiagra, 105 and Ultegra. Still with me ?

I spent a few days thinking about which bike and doing the necessary research including many reviews on line. I went back  to the store to put a £10 deposit on my new machine and low and behold they have got an end of season sale. Great I thought great as there was really good saving on 2017 bikes, however they did not have my size, as it had already been sold in the sale!

Back to the drawing board. I looked at some other bikes in the range and in the end I picked one which was on budget (other one would have saved £200 due to the sale), so that was it a tenner down and it was mine ready for collection.

I had the machine set up on a turbo trainer on Saturday and all is good, all I need is a name and I think its a girl ! I will find out for certain once I make my maiden voyage !

So come Wednesday night I will have picked her up and be fitting my cleat pedals and see if I can fall off at the first set of traffic lights I get to.

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