My First Ride

As I earlier reported I will start my basic rides on my 16-year-old trusty steed of which I am now going to call him “Frank” the Tank, he is still here after all these years and frank never gives up. The Brakes squeal like a pig when applied and the rear wheel often locks up. But franks still going !

So I give him a bit of a clean and a bit of oil for the chain, check the squealing brakes and off we go, not got a planned route and just head off.


As you can see I have a little bit of weight to loose around the midriff area and hopefully this will help me achieve my ultimate weight goal of losing at least another stone.

So off I go with my wife dodging and pushing me in her flower van as she is off to the park to practice her 10K. Jo is promising to do a 10K next year so watch this space.

I start nice and easy with a very mild up hill and then I go for it up some more moderate hills. In the end I go up Whitelow lane in Sheffield and that is a real hill and I climbed around 300 foot in 1 mile. Elevation wise I went up 700 foot over 4.5 miles in one session. In total I did 12 miles, but only averaged 9 MPH so It seems slow but not too sure in reality what all this means as it could be swayed by the long inclines.

All I can do is keep comparing it and see if I can improve and then start to add the miles. Problem is that as the night draw closer time is reducing for training on the bike itself apart from weekends.

first cycle


Well I made it home and thank fully Jo had started tonights meal as I needed it …


I have not blogged about putting the deposit on my bike but I did think I would only loose a tenner ! Thats the next post…….

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