More practical things needed

The most obvious thing I need is a bike ! I do currently have a bike but its a cross between a road and mountain bike. Some people call it a trail bike.

Having looked on the frame its a Raleigh Pioneer Trail 1000 but I can’t find one one line, however when my training starts this will be the bike I start on so you will see some pictures soon. I purchased it from an extinct cycle shop at Sheffield Lane top, Sheffield back in early 2001 ish. So its getting on to be 17 years old, mind you I looked after it and it still goes well downhill !

So yes I need a new bike and this is the difficult one. What kind of bike do I need to fulfil the challenge of London to Paris over 4 days ? Some people say “endurance” others say “racer” “what size” “whats your budget”

I was amazed at the different models available, never thought it would be this difficult. The prices amazed me as they seem to range anything from £500 for a wooden bike with square wheels to £5000 + for a carbon fibre this and that, jet propelled rocket machine of which you could pick up with one hand, in fact one single frame I saw was £3.5k and I could pick it up with my little finger

I have not got a clue I just need a bike to get me from London to Paris and ensuring every once of energy I use is used to propel me forwards.

Some of the cycle shops gave really good clear advice and some just did not bother. I think sometimes this is the outcome of online shopping. I am sure many businesses don’t want to spend valuable time trying to sell you the correct item and then you say I will be back in a week and all of a sudden you buy the same model on the internet. I think we are all guilty of using a business for this.

On this occasion I wanted to try and establish a bit of rapport, as I am going to need all the help I can get. Something I think I may struggle with on line.

So in the end I had managed to whittle it down based upon the perceived service and advice I will get which was based on my initial visit. This is a bit unusual for me as when I want a car I go to the relevant dealer. This is because I know exactly what I want and on this occasion I have not got a clue.

So bike shop tick, bike still to decide on.


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