The Challenge “London – Paris”

As I am always busy I don’t tend to get involved in too many challenges. My biggest challenge to date is losing weight. Since I had my transplant I had steady gained weight, everyone blames steroids but I just blame food. I think once you get your transplant you become content and enjoy life more, enjoying life for me was eating good food with a lovely white number from Australia.

My daughter Sam told me and Jo at Christmas she was getting married to Mark, then she told us it would be abroad in Cape Verde. I looked in the mirror and thought OMG I need to get “that” sorted.

So in the space of the 10 months, before I ventured to California I had lost just short of 6 stone. Then from this I started doing a bit of light Jogging and completing a couple of 5k every week.

The problem with running is that it can be particularly bad for your knees with the impact and wearing the wrong footwear did not help.

Now my weight has settled I kept looking at challenges on the NKF website and thought maybe its time I did something a little different. I did not want to run a long distance due to problems I have had with my knees and walking seems too easy ( I had completed a 21 mile walk without any issues previously) so I decided I would go on a bike ride.

London to Paris appealed as I love France, its our second home. So I made a few enquiries and before I knew it I had booked it with Pete the Fundraising manager at the NKF.

So that was it, I am off to Paris.

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