What next after making the commitment to ride London to Paris

So I have now committed to riding from London to Paris in July 2018. I have just under 12 months to go. All of a sudden there is a mad rush to think about what is required on a practical basis and also to action and assist in fundraising oh and raising awareness of organ donation. So my brain starts working over time, even during the night when I am asleep.

First step was to set up the basics before any publicity. There is no point publicising it if my supporters can’t get the information or infrastructure in providing their money.

So I have just set up a Just giving web site to help raise funds to support the NKF.

So for you keen and generous sponsors here it is.


Then someone suggests I should start blogging about the whole experience from making the commitment to doing the ride and getting home. So this is it, as I said on the first post don’t expect a Wordsworth !

My next jaunt into social media will be Instagram and Twitter.



Practically wise I need to think 3 things at the moment and these are training for the event and what I am going to ride and the necessary equipment such as shoes, pedals, bib shorts etc.


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