Going Home at Last on New Years Day 2010

So following the trial and tribulations of the rejection episode I arrived home on the 1st of January 2010. Unbeknown to my wife they had let me out. Being the donor she was still confined to barracks so Jo could not pick me up.

I hatched a plan, on Christmas eve 2009 I was told by the medics that providing I had not reacted to the immune system killer ATG Rabbit I was going to be allowed home for Christmas dinner. It did not happen as I had the worse night of my life on the evening of the 24th.

It started at around 10 pm 2 hours after the start of a 12 hour infusion with high heart rates (like I was running a marathon) and high temperatures. I had the bed changed several times as I was drowning in sweat. One thing I do remember is seeing a potential transplant patient called Owen arrive for his Christmas present of a new kidney. From memory he had waited well over 10 years.

The next morning I was in such a state it was decided to keep me in for the day, it was the right decision as I felt awful and just went back to sleep ignoring all the family traipsing in on Christmas morning. I had no interest what soever. No one was impressed when I just turned over and curled up.

So on the 1st of Jan I was discharged and I told Jo I was allowed home to get my new years day lunch. I lied, I packed my bags, got a bin liner full of drugs then picked up by my mum and dad and delivered home for my lunch. It was a strange journey especially as I had been inside for a number of weeks. Something special about seeing people going about their normal routine.

I arrived on the door step and Jo opened the door and said what is the bag for? I told her I was not going back to hospital and I was home for good. It was tearful and a very special moment for both of us.

Our recuperation begun.


A small selection of my medication


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